Nano Contestant - Episode 3

Nano Contestant - Episode 3

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qFans of the Hunger Games and Sci-Fi Thrillers will love the new Nano Contestant Series!q Have you read qNano Contestant - Episode 1: Whatever It Takesq yet? It's free! Read it first! http: // NANO CONTESTANT SERIES: Episode 3 of 12 Serialized Episodes In 2114, Pinnacle Corporation, the world's largest tech company, hosts the Tech Games to showcase the world's latest technology. The contestants must battle it out in 11 brutal games to ultimately win a $100 million prize! These digital and hybrid athletes must use everything at their disposal in order to take that prize and all of its glory in the Tech Games. Hacking, firewalls and electronic countermeasures are all being used by each contestant while running and fighting at top speed. It's all on the line, because nothing is being left on the table! EPISODE 3 - Combat Obstacles qDetermination forged in combat is its purest form.q Game One of the Tech Games is pushing the limits of even extra-human capabilities. Roland must face the longest and most dangerous obstacle course in existence, if he wants a chance at uncovering evidence against the ruthless Pinnacle Corporation to save his father. With 20 story rope climbs, 70 mph escalators, 100 foot free dives, and a strongman event, will Roland's homegrown nanotech be able to keep up with the other cutting edge contestants? Roland and his tiny team will have to dig deeper than they ever thought possible as they try to find solutions on the fly for overcoming these harrowing obstacles. Weapons are authorized! Episode 3 adds another method for the contestants to dish out even more brutal punishments than before: futuristic weapons. Roland unleashes his carbon alloy weapon, using his mind to uniquely shape it for every situation. There's more than just the race! Skylar's latest plugin puts Roland undercover in Pinnacle's most secure facility. One false move on this clandestine operation will most certainly put Roland in a small cell with Pinnacle only too happy to throw away the key. Nano Contestant Series - Science Fiction a Thriller ebook Categories: - Thrillers 100 Must Reads - Science Fiction Best Sellers - Sci Fi Cyborg Android - SyFy - TechnoThriller Kindle Books - Techno Action - Dystopian Fiction - Science Fiction Cyberpunk - Men's Adventure - Best Sellers List New York Times - Techno Thriller - Kindle Books Mystery and Suspense - Divergent - The Maze Runner - James Patterson Kindle Books - kindle Books Science Fiction and Fantasy - Science Fiction Best Sellers - Science Fiction Bundles - Science Fiction Best Sellers in kindle Books - Science Fiction Combat - Science Fiction Deals - Science Fiction Disaster - Science Fiction for kids 9-12 - Science Fiction in kindle Unlimited - Thriller in kindle Unlimited - Technothriller in kindle Unlimited - Cyberpunk in kindle Unlimited - Action Adventure in kindle Unlimited - Science Fiction Lending Library - Great Science Fiction Novels - Science Fiction New Releases Last 30 Days - Science Fiction on Kindle Free - Science Fiction Series on Kindle - Science Fiction Techno Thriller - Science Fiction Top 100 - Science Fiction Utopia - Science Fiction Warfare - Science Fiction Youth - Science Fiction YA - Thriller Cussler - Thriller Genre - Thriller James Patterson - Free Crime and Thriller Kindle Books - Thriller Patterson - Thriller Prime books - Cyberpunk 2015 - Cyberpunk Crime - Cyberpunk Novels - Cyber Punk Similar Series: Hunger Games, Divergent, Maze Runner Keyword Tags: androids cyborgs robot genetic quantum nano tech nanotech nanotechnology race racing marathon run running urban city future futuristic fantasy dystopian cyberpunk cyber attack punk hacker outlaw marine corps marines veteran science fiction scifi sci-fi sci fi syfy sy fy techno thriller technothriller maze runner hunger games divergent action adventure YA series serial episode shortIta#39;s free! Read it first! http: // NANO CONTESTANT SERIES: Episode 3 of 12 Serialized Episodes In 2114, Pinnacle Corporation, the worlda#39;s largest tech company, hosts the Tech Games to showcase the worlda#39;s latest technology.

Title:Nano Contestant - Episode 3
Author:Leif Sterling
Publisher: - 2015-04-20


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