Narrative Comprehension and Film

Narrative Comprehension and Film

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Narrative is one of the ways we organise and understnad the world. It is found everywhere: not only in films and books, but also in everday conversations and in the nonfictional discourses of journalists, historians, educators, psychologists, attorneys and many others. Edward Branigan presents a telling exploration of the basic concepts of narrative theory and its relation to film - and literary - analysis, bringing together theories from linguistics and cognitive science, and applying them to the screen. Individual analyses of classical narratives form the basis of a complex study of every aspect of filmic fiction exploring, for example, subjectivity in Lady in the Lake, multiplicity in Letter from and Unknown Woman, post-modernism and documentary in Sans Soleil.PSYCHOLOGICAL USEVALUE Narrative has existed in every known human society. ... The following kinds of document exemplify some nonnarrative ways of organizing data: lyric poetry, essay, chronology, inventory, classification, syllogism, anbsp;...

Title:Narrative Comprehension and Film
Author:Edward Branigan
Publisher:Routledge - 2013-06-17


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