NBA 2K15 Next Gen Competitive Strategy Guide (Unofficial)

NBA 2K15 Next Gen Competitive Strategy Guide (Unofficial)

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*New Twitter: @JefeBuckets* YouTube Channe: Strategy Guide Promo: Learn Strategies that can help you win tournies and money! Find out how the best NBA 2K Players in the world play. I compiled a 579-98 Money Game record in NBA 2K14 using some tactics featured in last yeara€™s guide and finished TOP 8 in the NBA 2K13 Virgin Gaming 100k tournament. What's Included - The best three schemes per team, find out how to dominate with each team and become a better overall player! - 90 Money Plays! - 3 New Plays Every Week through VideoSprout/Youtube. (Contact ME to receive them) - Best lineups, Set and Actions to run if you are more of a freestyle type of player. - Twenty to Thirty second video clips on how to run the plays if you dona€™t understand the text description. ** - Works for either the Sim gamer, or the gamer that is looking to take their skill to the next level to compete in tournaments! - This is an offensive guide, but no fear; I will release a defensive guide on my YouTube channel for FREE ( so make sure you subscribe to that for tips too! - These tips are for PS4 and Xbox one. - IF you have any questions or concerns, just contact a€œ@JefeYTa€ on Twitter. ****** - There is nothing in this guide pertaining to MyCareer or MyPlayer. I am a money gamer, I do not play My Career. ** = Videos will be distributed through an independent private video sharing service.Introduction In this guide, I will show you a variety of plays that will take your game to the next level. ... I released a strategy guide last year very late in the a€œ2k yeara€ and got an excellent response, one review saying a€œBest ... There is one free lab session (on weekends, two six minute quarters) per buyer (PS4), I will be getting an Xbox One soon, so if you need help running the plays, Ia#39;ll be there to help you.

Title:NBA 2K15 Next Gen Competitive Strategy Guide (Unofficial)
Author:Jeffrey Seidowsky
Publisher:Jeff Seidowsky - 2015-04-24


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