Neither Root Nor Branch

Neither Root Nor Branch

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Step-families deal with many unique issues related to their own children, their step-children, their spouses, and even ex-spouses. Some of the concerns may lead to depression and anxiety, and, in worst-case scenarios, suicide. In qNeither Root nor Branch, q author Mary Jane Grange helps blended families deal with their often challenging situation to live a happy, fulfilling existence. She provides affordable solutions for dealing with depression and anxiety. Using her experiences has a nurse and a step-parent, Grange relies on scriptures to help step-families co-exist peacefully without the use of drugs, alcohol, medications, or divorce. qI am a step parent. I could not keep up the pace that was set for my family. I realized I was in something over my head. I was in something that mere mortals could not correct. I decided to be more conscientious about reading my scriptures. Instead of letting the word of God lie hidden in my heart or dormant on my end tables, I decided to look for the laws of depression. I found them in the scriptures. I found the pace that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ created for us in this world.qThe Disaster Manual for Depression Mary Jane Grange R. N., Mary Jane Grange ... It is now time to learn our spiritual antonyms. It is just as important to distinguish ... In an old wivesa#39; tale, pioneers tell us that curiosity kills the cat. Educationanbsp;...

Title:Neither Root Nor Branch
Author:Mary Jane Grange R. N., Mary Jane Grange
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2010-10


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