Nelly Sachs

Nelly Sachs

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This book examines the poetry of the Nobel Prize-winning poet Nelly Sachs. It shifts established patterns of reception by analysing the authora€™s reception in East and West Germany after the war and the role she came to play in theWest as a representative a€˜Poet of Reconciliationa€™. The study situates Sachsa€™ work within the framework of the debate surrounding the representation of the Holocaust, exploring the aesthetic means by which Sachs renders the aporetic tension at the heart of Adornoa€™s writings on Holocaust art legible in her poetry. The primary question addressed is whether Sachsa€™ poetry, in spite of the fact that it thematises the impossibility of adequate representation, has representational value, or whether it is bereft of concrete, representational meaning as a result of the often fragmented nature of her writing. In particular, theauthor confronts those critics who see a redemptive strategy at play in Sachsa€™ work, in favour of a reading that regards her work as permeated with the concrete events of the Holocaust and irreconcilably opposed to any notion of a sense-making, redemptive paradigm.... the worlds of yesterday and today, that is, the pre- and post-Holocaust worlds, are divided by an unbridgeable ravine. ... a€œZwischena€ draws the readera#39;s attention and formally stands in the stead of the unspeakable that has oc- casioned thisanbsp;...

Title:Nelly Sachs
Author:Elaine Martin
Publisher:Walter de Gruyter - 2011-09-29


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