.NET Web Services For Dummies

.NET Web Services For Dummies

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Getting a bunch of computers to talk to each other used to be tougher than getting a straight answer from a politician in an election year. .NET web services fixes that. A unique combination of technologies, the .NET platform for the first time makes distributed computing language independent, platform independent, and device independent. Which is a pretty big deal when you consider that applications built and run on the .NET platform are available any time, any place, and on any devicea€”in other words, .NET equals total connectivity. It also means that developers for the Internet and intranets can now use Web services to include all kinds of amazing functionalities in a new program without having to reinvent the wheel and without needing to know anything about the business or complexity of the Web service he or she is using. Ready to join the .NET Web services revolution? Then this book is for you. Written by bestselling computer book author Anthony Mann, it puts you on the fast track to developing amazing .NET Web serv ices. Herea€™s you chance to: Discover XML and SOAP Master the .NET Framework and .NET server Create, test and debug Web services using Visual Studio .NET Implement your Web services throughout an organization or on the Internet Secure your Web services Find and consume Web services that were written by other developers Written in an accessible, easy-to-read format, supplemented with dozens of screen shots and highlighted tips and shortcuts, .NET Web Services For Dummies covers all the bases for beginners and intermediate .NET users alike. Important topics covered include: How Web services can benefit your organization Using the .NET framework, .NET server, Visual Studio .NET, and all the tools and technologies on the .NET platform Designing, building, testing and deploying Web services Migrating from other technologies Your total guide to bridging the digital communications gap .NET Web Services For Dummies gets you up and running in no time with the knowledge and skills you need to develop sophisticated Web service applications on the Microsoft platform.The answers to these questions dictate how complex your Web services become. Certainly the easiest thing to do is to allow everyone access to your Web services , but this is not always practical. For example ... Ensuring interoperability Interoperability is the concept that disparate computer systems need to be able to talk to each other. ... Many of the interoperability issues that arise from disparate systems talking to each other can be addressed with a Microsoft product called BizTalk.

Title:.NET Web Services For Dummies
Author:Anthony T. Mann
Publisher:For Dummies - 2003-04-11


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