Network Flow Analysis

Network Flow Analysis

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A detailed and complete guide to exporting, collecting, analyzing, and understanding network flows to make managing networks easier. Network flow analysis is the art of studying the traffic on a computer network. Understanding the ways to export flow and collect and analyze data separates good network administrators from great ones. The detailed instructions in Network Flow Analysis teach the busy network administrator how to build every component of a flow-based network awareness system and how network analysis and auditing can help address problems and improve network reliability. Readers learn what flow is, how flows are used in network management, and how to use a flow analysis system. Real-world examples illustrate how to best apply the appropriate tools and how to analyze data to solve real problems. Lucas compares existing popular tools for network management, explaining why they don't address common real-world issues and demonstrates how, once a network administrator understands the underlying process and techniques of flow management, building a flow management system from freely-available components is not only possible but actually a better choice than much more expensive systems.... when a server process fails and try to remedy the situation, but very few network administrators have equipment that can monitor or repair itself. ... When a user reports an application failure, many systems administrators check their logs and report, a€œI have no problems. It ... The days of needing a computer science degree to manage a network are long gone ... restrains his natural contempt for the lesser minds surrounding him will not be fired until the company dissolves around him.

Title:Network Flow Analysis
Author:Michael Lucas
Publisher:No Starch Press - 2010


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