Networks and Devices Using Planar Transmissions Lines

Networks and Devices Using Planar Transmissions Lines

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A single text that incorporates all of the theoretical principles and practical aspects of planar transmission line devices - since the early development of striplines, it has been sought by countless microwave engineers, researchers, and students. With the publication of Networks and Devices Using Planar Transmission Lines, the search for that one authoritative resource is over. This is more than just a handbook, much more than a theoretical treatment. It's the ideal integration of the theory and applications of planar transmission lines and devices. Striplines, microstrips, slot lines, coplanar waveguides and strips, phase shifters, hybrids, and more - the author examines them all. For each type of structure, his treatment is complete and self-contained, including: Geometric characteristics Electric and magnetic field lines Solution techniques for the electromagnetic problem Quasi-static, coupled modes, and full wave analysis methods Design equations Attenuation Practical considerations Of particular interest is the author's comprehensive treatment of planar ferrimagnetic devices, such as phase shifters, isolators, and circulators, and three appendices dedicated to the theoretical aspects of ferrimagetism. Five other appendices provide thorough reviews of various theoretical concepts implicit in the body of the work, such as wave theory, the external properties of networks, and resonant circuits.By a€œnetworka€ we mean a set of complicated a€œRFa€ transmission lines without any additional performance beyond interconnecting capability. ... Chapter 10 is dedicated to the coplanar waveguide, another full planar transmission line. ... Appendix A1 reviews the theory of the solution methods for simple electrostatic problems.

Title:Networks and Devices Using Planar Transmissions Lines
Author:Franco Di Paolo
Publisher:CRC Press - 2000-06-27


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