Neutrosophic Sets and Systems, Vol. VIII

Neutrosophic Sets and Systems, Vol. VIII

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This volume is a collection of ten papers by contributors F. Smarandache, F. Yuhua, K. Mondal, S. Pramanik, S. Broumi, J. Ye, A. A. Salama, , N. Easa, S. A. Elhafez, M. M. Lotfy, L. Kong, Y. Wu, P. Biswas, B. C. Giri, A. Mukkerjee, and S. Sarkar, focusing on a new kind of algebraic structures called (T, I, F)- Neutrosophic Structures; Expanding Uncertainty Principle to Certainty-Uncertainty Principles with Neutrosophy and Quad-stage Methods; Rough Neutrosophic Multi-Attribute Decision-Making Based on Rough Accuracy Score Function; an Extended TOPSIS Method for Multiple Attribute Decision Making based on Interval Neutrosophic Uncertain Linguistic Variable; Review of Recommender Systems Algorithms Utilized in Social Networks based e-Learning Systems a Neutrosophic System; Fault Diagnosis Method of Gasoline Engines Using the Cosine Similarity Measure of Neutrosophic Numbers; Cosine Similarity Measure Based Multi-attribute Decision-making with Trapezoidal Fuzzy Neutrosophic Numbers; Thesis-Antithesis-Neutrothesis, and Neutrosynthesis; Negating Four Color Theorem with Neutrosophy and Quadstage Method; and A new method of measuring similarity between two neutrosophic soft sets and its application in pattern recognition problems.All submissions should be designed in MS Word format using our template file: A variety of scientific books in many languages can be downloaded freely from the Digital Library ofanbsp;...

Title:Neutrosophic Sets and Systems, Vol. VIII
Author:Florentin Smarandache, Mumtaz Ali
Publisher: - 2015-04-01


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