Never Dead

Never Dead

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Newly promoted DI Matt Pryor is disappointed when his first case seems to be a simple death from natural causes a€“ that is, until the post-mortem shows something quite unexpected ... The elderly man who died on a Cardiff train was murdered a€“ poisoned a€“ by one of the other passengers. But who? Therea€™s a photograph in the dead mana€™s pocket a€“ a photograph that matches one owned by young professional Ellie Bevan. Is it just a coincidence that Elliea€™s the one who stayed with the body until the police arrived a€“ or did she have a more sinister reason for sticking around? Matta€™s boss DCI Martin Phelps is delving into a tricky case of his own. The new superintendent is determined to clear up any old cases with a whiff of police corruption about them and Phelps is sent to investigate the decade-old murder of a young Somali man. He soon discovers that the police reports are filled with errors. Sloppy detective work a€“ or a cover-up? Both Pryor and Phelps soon find themselves surprisingly drawn towards investigating a respected humanitarian charity. Feted by important people, the organisation isna€™t quite what it seems a€“ and a wrong move could spell disaster ... Never Dead is the fifth in Wonny Leaa€™s Cardiff Bay Investigations featuring DCI Phelps.was one of the largest rooms in the house and, like the rest of her side of things, the interior design was ultramodern and sophisticated. ... They did their respective jobs well, but Charles knew they were inclined to gossip and didna#39;t want them going back to the village with stories of police crawling all over ... It would surely be on the news, but then it had happened in Wales, so maybe therea#39; d be a time lag.

Title:Never Dead
Author:Wonny Lea
Publisher:Accent Press Ltd - 2015-05-04


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