Never Fuck Up

Never Fuck Up

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With the same raw energy and verve he displayed in Easy Money, Jens Lapidus delivers an electrifying tale of Stockholm's vicious underworld. Mahmud is fresh out of jail, but he's forced to work for a brutal mob boss to pay off his debts to a drug lord. Niklas, a mercenary and weapons expert with an appetite for vigilante justice, is back in Sweden and plans to keep a low profile. But the discovery of a murdered man in his mother's building severely threatens those plans. Thomas, the volatile detective on the case, finding his efforts suspiciously stymied and the evidence tampered with, goes off the grid in search of the truth. But as the paths of these three men intertwine and the identity of the murdered man is revealed, crimes and secrets bigger, deeper, and darker than a mere murder will come to light.Read the manual asthoroughly as ifhe were building a nuclear reactor. Tested, tested, tested. Poured water on the outdoor cameras, ... asthough she were standingtwenty inches away.Heassembled the GPS system. Secureditunder theAudi.

Title:Never Fuck Up
Author:Jens Lapidus
Publisher:Vintage - 2013-06-18


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