New England Law Review: Volume 48, Number 1 - Fall 2013

New England Law Review: Volume 48, Number 1 - Fall 2013

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The New England Law Review now offers its issues in convenient and modern ebook formats for e-reader devices, apps, pads, smartphones, and computers. This first issue of Volume 48, Fall 2013, was published in 2014 and contains articles and presentations from leading figures of the academy, the judiciary, and the legal community. Contents of this issue include: a€c Commencement Address at New England Law: Boston, May 24, 2013, by U.S. Attorney Carmen M. Ortiz Articles: a€c Creamskimming and Competition, by Jim Chen a€c qGive Me That Old Time Religionq: The Persistence of the Webster Reasonable Doubt Instruction and the Need to Abandon It, by Hon. Richard E. Welch, III a€c Standing Up to Clapper: How to Increase Transparency and Oversight of FISA Surveillance, by Alan Butler Notes: a€c Avoiding Unintended House Boats: Towards Sensible Coastal Land Use Policy in Massachusetts, by Keith Richard a€c The Moral Judiciary: Restoring Morality as a Basis of Judicial Decision-Making, by Erik Hagen a€c Tales of the Dead: Why Autopsy Reports Should Be Classified as Testimonial Statements Under the Confrontation Clause, by Andrew Higley Comments: a€c Putting Beer Goggles on the Jury: Rape, Intoxication, and the Reasonable Man in Commonwealth v. Mountry, by Annalise H. Scobey a€c A Government of the People, by the People, for Whom? How In re Enforcement of a Subpoena Ensures that the Judiciary Is Unaccountable, by Lindsay BohanSax, Takingsand thePolice Power, 74 YALE L.J.36, 36 n.6(1964); see alsosupra PartI. ... 115 F.Patrick Hubbard et al., Do Owners Have a Fair Chance of Prevailing Under theAd Hoc Regulatory Takings Test of Penn Central Transportation Company?, 14 DUKEENVTL. ... S. 419, 434a€“35, 438 (1982)(finding that regulation forcing landlord to allow cable company to install wires on ... 120 TahoeSierra Pres.

Title:New England Law Review: Volume 48, Number 1 - Fall 2013
Author:New England Law Review
Publisher:Quid Pro Books - 2014-03-18


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