New Pounds and Inches

New Pounds and Inches

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The HCG diet has caught the attention of most overweight Americans as it promises to help the dieter lose a pound a day without hunger or cravings and without a minute of exercise. The HCG diet was conceived in 1950, by Dr. A.T. Simeons, who wrote in his booklet, Pounds and Inches, that injecting HCG, a hormone produced normally by pregnant women, could not only produce spectacular weight loss results, but at the same time qre-setq the metabolism centers in the brain permanently. Simeons' plan required daily injections of HCG, and a rigid semi-starvation 500 calorie a day diet. Although many people have been successful with the plan, an equal number have found the HCG diet difficult to follow and have increasing questions about the HCG's safety and effectiveness. In the New Pounds and Inches, Richard L. Lipman M.D., a board certified endocrinologist and internist, updates and revises Simeons' 1954 plan using modern day science and his personal experience treating thousands of patients with HCG. Dr Lipman clarifies all of the controversies surrounding the HCG diet. The New Pounds and Inches uses oral HCG, an 800 calorie food plan, protein with all three meals, many fruits, unlimited vegetables, and many more foods, beverages and snacks unavailable to Dr. Simeons. It presents a workable exercise program, a maintenance plan and concludes with hundreds of appropriate HCG recipes. The New Pounds and Inches offers a safe, effective weight loss plan that sets the standard in weight loss for both practitioners and patients.During the course of the last 25 years, as an M.D. endocrinologist and weight loss specialist, Ia#39;ve treated more than 20, 000 individuals with weight and metabolic problems. I have researched, and prescribed countless diet plans, specialty foods, exercise programs and even surgery, only to find some of my ... As I began to look at ways to increase metabolism, I looked back to 1954 and the hormone-HCGanbsp;...

Title:New Pounds and Inches
Author:Richard Lipman - 2013-02-01


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