New Rules for Victims of Armed Conflicts

New Rules for Victims of Armed Conflicts

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Despite the advances made by the international community to outlaw the resort to force by the United Nations Charter, armed conflicts both international a non-international are a fact of every day life. The civilian casualties from such conflicts have assumed catastrophic proportions. Little attention, however, has been paid by scholars to the treatment of noncombatants in armed conflict a the place in international law of the principle fundamental to the law of armed conflict: noncombatant immunity. This work aims to remedy this omission. The author analyses in detail the content of the customary a conventional rules that give effect to this principle, in both international a non-international armed conflict. The importance of such a study is highlighted by the recent Gulf conflict where so many of the States were not bound by the most recent treaty rules protecting noncombatants.... Coercion, (Hew Haven, London, 1961);Schwarzenberger, /rc?er- national Law as Applied by International Courts and Tribunals, vol. 2: The Law of Armed Conflict, (London, 1968); Stone, Legal Control of International Conflicts, 2nd ed. ... in various military manuals including: US: US Army Field Manual 27-10; Navy, NWIP 10-2; Air Force Pamphlet 110-31. ... is the interest of all participants in economy in the use of force - in the minimization of the unnecessary destruction of values.

Title:New Rules for Victims of Armed Conflicts
Author:Michael Bothe, Karl Josef Partsch, Waldemar A. Solf
Publisher:Martinus Nijhoff Publishers - 1982-04-30


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