New Science Theory and On The Magnet

New Science Theory and On The Magnet

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The first book is basically the site as on 23.7.2015 - for changes since then visit the website with its Sitemap noting updates. It is especially good for those interested in physics theory, concentrating chiefly on the four great physicists William Gilbert, Rene Descartes, Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein - and also having fine sections on Galileo, Kepler, History of Science, Gravity, Light, String Theory, Standard Model Physics, Probability Science, Philosophy of Science and General Image Theory Science. The second book is a new improved English translation of William Gilbert's banned Latin 1600 'De Magnete' or 'On The Magnet'. This is rather easier to read than its two earlier translations, and significantly helps to clarify Gilbert's 'attraction' physics which Newton put as one of the two mathematized physics options and which he is believed to have privately favoured. It is basically a novel signal-response or remote-control physics that may still have relevance.August. 31, . 2015.. -. Hear. briefly. about. this. website. agt;agt; New. Science. Theory. -. exemplified. chiefly. by. physics. theory. William Gilbert. Rene Descartes. Isaac Newton . Albert Einstein ........ Science History. General Image Theory.

Title:New Science Theory and On The Magnet
Author:Vincent Wilmot, William Gilbert - 2015-08-19


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