Newnes Circuit Calculations Pocket Book

Newnes Circuit Calculations Pocket Book

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Newnes Circuit Calculations Pocket Book: With Computer Programs presents equations, examples, and problems in circuit calculations. The text includes 300 computer programs that help solve the problems presented. The book is comprised of 20 chapters that tackle different aspects of circuit calculation. The coverage of the text includes dc voltage, dc circuits, and network theorems. The book also covers oscillators, phasors, and transformers. The text will be useful to electrical engineers and other professionals whose work involves electronic circuitry.If the flux density is 18 uC/ma€, calculate the charge. 17 A circuit consists of a 3-uF capacitor in series with a 5-uF capacitor. If the applied voltage is 25 V calculate: ( a) the combined capacitance, (b) the voltage drop across each one, (c) theanbsp;...

Title:Newnes Circuit Calculations Pocket Book
Author:Thomas J. Davies
Publisher:Elsevier - 2013-10-22


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