Newnes Engineering Science Pocket Book

Newnes Engineering Science Pocket Book

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Newnes Engineering Science Pocket Book provides a readily available reference to the essential engineering science formulae, definitions, and general information needed during studies and/or work situation. This book consists of three main topics- general engineering science, electrical engineering science, and mechanical engineering science. In these topics, this text specifically discusses the atomic structure of matter, standard quality symbols and units, chemical effects of electricity, and capacitors and capacitance. The alternating currents and voltages, three phase systems, D.C. machines, and A.C. motors are also elaborated. This compilation likewise covers the linear momentum and impulse, effects of forces on materials, and pressure in fluids. This publication is useful for technicians and engineers, as well as students studying for technician certificates and diplomas, GCSE, and A levels.13 A salt is the product of the neutralisation between an acid and a base, i.e. acid + base= salt+ water. For example: HCl + NaOH = NaCl + H2O H2SO4 +2KOH = K2SO, +2H2O and H2SO4 + CuO = CuSO4 + H2O Examples of salts include:anbsp;...

Title:Newnes Engineering Science Pocket Book
Author:J O Bird
Publisher:Elsevier - 2014-05-20


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