Newnes Physical Science

Newnes Physical Science

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Newnes Physical Science: Pocket Book for Engineers presents an extensive examination of the essential physical sciences formulae, definitions, and general information on general science, physics, electrical science, and chemistry. Some of the topics covered in the book are the metric table; definition and formulation of density; scalar and vector quantities; determination of speed and velocity; linear momentum and impulse; characteristics of sound waves; principle of superposition; the effects of forces on materials; and center of gravity and equilibrium. The evaluation of coplanar forces acting at a point is completely presented. A chapter is devoted to the examination of shearing force and bending moments. Another section focuses on the kinetic energy of rotation, identification of simple machines, and measurement of temperature. The advantages and disadvantages of using mercury in a thermometer and types of saturated and super-saturated solutions are briefly covered. The book serves as a handy reference guide for engineers, scientists, technicians, students, and researchers.components Symbols are used for components in electrical circuit diagrams and some of the more common ones are shown in Figure 27.1. 2 (i) All substances are made from elements and the smallest particle to which an element can beanbsp;...

Title:Newnes Physical Science
Author:J O Bird, P J Chivers
Publisher:Elsevier - 2014-05-20


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