Nick Stone Secret Agent

Nick Stone Secret Agent

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Nick Stone, America's new suave secret agent is inserted into Kosovo, Yugoslavia by a HALO parachute jump to steal a Russian fabled falcon-mig plane. The mig has nuclear and biological tipped missiles. The Twin Titans, Nikki and Natasha who are Russian KGB double agents, help Nick to try and steal The Doomsday Machine! The U. S. Government is afraid that it will be sold on the black market or worse yet, fall into the hands of evil terrorists who will use it to hold the world hostage and threaten World War III! Nick gets involved in the Baltic War and tries to help the Albanian people. Nick becomes a Freedom Fighter and starts the freedom bell ringing across the land! Nick is captured by the Serbian 4th Army and must face qThe Pit Of Death!q Will Nick survive only to be shot at dawn, as a spy or will he live to fight another day and complete his mission? www.nickstonesecretagent.comnaissance mission, taking pictures when it was targeted and hit by a SAM missile (surface to air missile). ... Nick pulled out the antenna and turned on the phone typing in his unlock code, as it connected to the secret military satellite ... David Code was at the office working on his files, when his computer started beeping.

Title:Nick Stone Secret Agent
Author:Lee King
Publisher:iUniverse - 2008-05


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