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The main lesson Luce had learned was that you couldn't count on anybody. In the lonesome beauty of the forest, across the far shore of the mountain lake from town, Luce acts as caretaker to an empty, decaying Lodge, a relic of holidaymakers a century before. Her days are long and peaceful, her nights filled with Nashville radio and yellow lights shimmering on the black water. A solitary life, and the perfect escape. Until the stranger children come. Bringing fire. And murder. And love.Riverboat cardsharps in Mark Twain days spread their hands in such a manner, was Stubblefielda#39;s take. a€”A lot of rich ... Old wiring or lightning, one, got it. But what you ... Fishing in your grandfathera#39;s boat. You were a snotty kid. The bass were biting and we were going to have a fishermana#39;s dinner of Vienna sausage and saltines and RC Cola and then keep casting. But you ... the question I ask is simple.

Author:Charles Frazier
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2011-09-27


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