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Secret Knowledge: The Physics of the Law of Attraction Secret Knowledge: What is this? Nike is a Digital Download EBook. It is not only a compilation of arcane occult secrets, it goes beyond the general techniques and describes the underlying scientific core. There are certain concepts in all branches of the occult, namely -Wicca, Sorcery, Hermeticism or Magic- that share the same basis. Eventually, it always relates to the change of an individuala€™s perception. Nike gives you detailed insights and instructions on occult secret knowledge. By means of bridging towards universal topics like quantum resonance or energetic vibration, Nike makes the connection from the occult towards academic science. Eventually, Nike delivers you the very basics of any occult teaching in a scientific way. The product is split into two parts, part one a€œReality Creationa€ is about how reality gets created, maintained or changed. Here wea€™re going pretty deep into consciousness itself, your perceptive feedback look and your energetic vibration. Reality Creation lays the foundation that makes you later on understand how part two, Infinity Navigation (closely related to the a€œthe law of attractiona€), actually works. Wea€™re going into how intentions operate, how words, thoughts and actions shape your reality and how YOU can influence the outcome of future events solely with your mind. Infinity Navigation is all about a practical insight into the law of attraction, e.g. understanding when to put focus on something, reading the signals of your feedback loop, comprehending when to take action and generally getting in synchronization with your higher self. It will massively support you in achieving your goals and getting what you want. Later on we go deeper into physics and explain the impact of quantum mechanics on the occult: Quantum Entanglement: Inner/Outer-World synchronization effects and their impact on reality, sounds and scents. Learn how to effectively employ the skill of psychokinesis. Wave-Particle Duality: How to make use of perceptive techniques like focus, ignorance, attachment and detachment to change your fractal position. Master this and you will later on be able to gain the ability of telepathy. Manifest through controlled Wave collapse: Choose your desired future by means of perceptive selection. Macroscopic Super-positioning: Comprehend how the invisible hand of group consciousness shapes realitya€™s larger events. Nike will introduce you to the concept of the Occult Terrain, a simplified version of the Higher Astral Planes. The Occult Terrain is effectively a fine level string field that feeds on mental input: This grand-unified approach towards the occult gives a lot of advantages when it comes to comprehending and applying secret knowledge: A standardized Model to Remote Viewing Self-similarity towards Telepathy Symmetry with Psychokinesis Eased physics of the Law of Attraction (Push/Pull and Sender/Receiver) Simplified access towards Astral Projection Nike covers with Reality Creation and Infinity Navigation the basic fundamentals of occultsecret knowledge. This EBook goes already pretty deep and gives you access to material that had in the past been reserved for high-level Illuminati and ascended masters. Yet, there is even more. If you are interested in the exact and pinpointed scientific mechanics (Uncertainty Relation, Wave Function, Imaginary Unit, Eulera€™s Identity, etc.) make sure to check out Perception and NATVRA that cover these in full. Table of Contents I. Reality Creation A scientific overview on how reality is created: The basics to the Law of Attraction Wave Particle Duality: Open and closed systems, approximative telepathy Wave Collapse: Certainty and probability on events Occult Space: Standardized model that gives mayor occult concepts a unified base II. Infinity Navigation A scientific overview and instructions on the occult: The usage of the Law of Attraction Quantum Entanglement: Inner/outer world relation, synchronization a psychokinesis Super-Positioning: The invisible hand of group consciousness Imperative a Declarative Polarity: Remote viewing and astral projectionWhich is in this example stepping up from aquot;some nice caraquot; to e.g. a aquot;black BMW Z4aquot;. Good for you that you ... The energy you put into the first decision is vanished as soon as you change your decision regarding a topic. The better you knowanbsp;...

Author:Alexander Karl Friedrich von Löwenstein
Publisher:Alexander Karl Friedrich von Löwenstein - 2013-11-01


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