Nitt-Witt Ridge

Nitt-Witt Ridge

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Reading Nitt-Witt Ridge probably wont change your life in any meaningful way, but if youre the right kind of person it can provide you access to an alternate hippie-freak universe thats somewhat kinder and happier than the world we live in now (despite the occasional exploding hamster and the rampaging of a giant, vindictive, chrome robot-rooster).... It may be a shaggy, Brautiganesque bong-water-bubble of a book, but its also semi-profound in its own laid back way and laugh-out-loud funny. Or at least I think so.he roared into the remote control box. a€œGod is watching from on ... No canine Kama Sutra manual could have possibly prepared him for this. Calydon was furious. ... This was rapture, a cosmic unfoldinga€”a Sirius supernova of bliss. a€œOh God!

Title:Nitt-Witt Ridge
Author:Crash Gordon
Publisher:Three Graces Press, LLC - 2007-12-01


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