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After writing over 500 patents and providing legal advice for American entrepreneurs since 1986, author Rick Martin set out to write No Money: The Surviving Middle-Class American, a cartoon-illustrated collection of essays outlining the death of Americaa€™s middle class. The small business start-ups that he assisted are heralded as a€œthe heart of Americaa€”providing over half its jobs.a€ Today, with home equities gone and credit tight, Martin feels Americaa€™s small business and the entire middle class are on the endangered species list. Martin has read literature from leading left-leaning and right-leaning economists, and one common theme evolveda€”Americaa€™s decline started when the first Toyota arrived without a balance of trade agreement with the Pacific Rim countries. This work explores the many reasons and ways in which the middle class is suffering and suggests ways that the American people can save themselves. No Money: The Surviving Middle-Class American attempts to encourage Americaa€™s traumatized middle class to do something, anything, to revitalize itself before it is too late.By the way can the Mainstreet American get a mortgage if he missed one credit card payment last year? What you need to teach your children is Monopoly. But change the rules to ... The same thing happened with the stock market from 1921 to 1929. Stocks soared 600% in ... P. Morgan, ]oseph P. Kennedy and other super crooks got out of the market just before the Crash, put it in gold. Gosh did this justanbsp;...

Author:Rick Martin
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2011-12-28


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