No Runs Three Hits No Errors

No Runs Three Hits No Errors

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qAn A student whose girlfriend jilted him; a gifted athlete who made it all the way to the World Series, although his career was cut short by an injury. But that was in the 60a€™s! He went on to Harvard Law School and a lucrative 32-year legal career. He married and has two wonderful children. Why would this man have a care in the world now? Well, he does. Three people are eating away at him. None of them knows each other and never will, but together they have ruined his life. He needs to settle the score. This is his nail-biting tale of ambition and success, deceit and betrayal, sorrow and bitter, virtually psychopathic revenge. The questions throughout? Will his lifelong best friend give up any runs a€“ or anything else a€“ and will this player get three hits and make no errors?qThen I kiddingly said something to the effect that she and I had no further use for him, and of course he laughed his trademark laugh and ... OK, once they had calleda€”I think it was in Novembera€”wanting to know if I recalled the license plate number on her Mercedes and if I ... In fact the man who ran that sale bought ita€”at 10% over Kelly Blue Book because of its condition and low mileagea€”for his wife.

Title:No Runs Three Hits No Errors
Author:Paul M. Diesel
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2011-02-14


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