No Tomorrow

No Tomorrow

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Victor the assassin returns in the new novel from the author of The Killer, The Enemy, and The Game... THE JOB IS SIMPLE When Victor is called to meet with an old friend who ultimately betrayed him, what he thought was an ambush is in fact a plea for help. As a Russian gangster, Norimov is accustomed to death threats, but now an unknown enemy wants more than his life. They intend to kill everyone he cares about, including his missing daughter Gisele. This time, Victora€™s job is not to kill but to protect. Unfortunately, locating Gisele is his first mistakea€”because someone is watching his every move. ESCAPE IS IMPOSSIBLE Before she went into hiding, Gisele had uncovered a secret worth killing fora€”and now Victor has brought the enemy right to her doorstep. The least he can do is help her escape. But the ruthless network theya€™re up against has the police, MI5, and every major news outlet joining in the manhunt across London.He sat down on a bespoke couch to examine Giselea#39;s mail. The couchwas ... At the earliest itwould have slidthroughthe mailboxonthetenth, but could havearrived onthe eleventh oreven twelfth. So he knew ... She hada large, sliding wardrobe.

Title:No Tomorrow
Author:Tom Wood
Publisher:Penguin - 2014-09-02


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