North American Kajukenbo from White to Black

North American Kajukenbo from White to Black

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NAK is a combination of several Martial Arts. This ensures our students receive the most effective form of self defense, confidence and physical conditioning. Students are taught a broad range of techniques including Kenpo-Karate; a combination of two self-defense forms. Kenpo and Karate are very similar arts, yet somewhat different in nature. Kenpo describes the Chinese style of Karate, while the more modern term qKarateq is the system of Okinawa and Japan. Kenpo means qLaw of the fistq and Karate means qEmpty handsq. Included in the NAK system is Judo and Jui Jitsu, the fighting and grappling methods. These forms develop the use of hands, elbows, legs, eyes, ears and alertness in Mind, Body and Spirit!Professor. says. No student manual, book, or guide can duplicate the instruction in a good dojo. This manual is filled with ... These may be used to compare to answers you get in your dojo to spark additional questions to ask your teacher.

Title:North American Kajukenbo from White to Black
Author:Sal Banuleos - 2010-04-22


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