Northrop Yb-49 Flying Wing Pilot's Flight Manual

Northrop Yb-49 Flying Wing Pilot's Flight Manual

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Visionary designer Jack Northrop built a series of experimental qflying wingq aircraft both before and during WWII. One of the most radical designs of the post-war era, the propeller-driven YB-35 bomber's all-wing design minimized drag and promised maximum payload capacity and terrific endurance. The YB-49, a turbojet powered variant built on the YB-35 airframe, forever altered aviation history and inspired the design of the B-2 Spirit stealth bomber. Originally printed by Northrop Aircraft in 1948, the YB-49 Flying Wing Pilot's Flight Operating Manual taught pilots everything they needed to know before entering the cockpit. Originally classified qRestricted, q the manual was declassified long ago and is here reprinted in book form. This affordable facsimile has been reformatted, and color images appear as black and white. Care has been taken however to preserve the integrity of the text.Tank Pumps aamp; ShutOff Fuel Valves 1, 2 Engine Pumps (H) 1 thin Tank Fuel Shut- Off Valve 3, 14 Eng. Fwd. Pumps LH Emergency ... 6 Eng. Aft Pumps RH Trim Flap Motor Main aamp; Aux. ... Tanks Pumps aamp; Fuel Shut-Off Valves 5, 6 Engine Forward Pumps Figure 1-4 - AC Power System - Schematic A0 Control Panel BOOSTERanbsp;...

Title:Northrop Yb-49 Flying Wing Pilot's Flight Manual
Author:Film Com Periscope Film Com, Periscope Film.Com Staff - 2006-04


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