Not Quite Cold

Not Quite Cold

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Graciela Harper thought that getting rid of Anne Bonnya€™s ghost would be the first step toward putting all of the problems of her past behind her. Maybe things would work out with Beauregard Drayton, Heron Creeka€™s charming mayor. Maybe she and her cousin Amelia, and their childhood friends Melanie and Will, could find a way back to the comfortable friendship that defined their lives. But when the ghost of Glinda Davis, the towna€™s longtime, quirky hairdresser, puts a stop to Gracie and Beaua€™s relationship consummation, Graciela knows her life has changed for good. The insistent ghost drags Graciela into a world shea€™s only seen on reality television showsa€”one filled with moonshiners and backwoods politics that are solved by burying bodies, not friendly conversations. Graciela needs to figure out exactly what Glindaa€™s spirit requires so shea€™ll get the heck out of dodge, but the further she digs into the womana€™s past, the more dangers seep into the present. As Graciela gets closer to the answers she seeks, she starts to wonder if shea€™s going to solve a murder in the processa€”or die trying.... gets out his cell phone and pretends to make a call, shielding me while I use a credit card to let us inside the house. ... I know from Beaua#39;s comments about Jasper and my Google research that hea#39;s single and lives alone, but even if he had a family ... would have invited more harassment, at least in Heron Creek, but times have changed and so has the definition of harmless antics. ... I snoop around the second level, finding a music room, three guest rooms, and the master bedroom.

Title:Not Quite Cold
Author:Lyla Payne
Publisher:Trisha Leigh Ziegenhorn - 2014-08-07


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