Not Single Spies

Not Single Spies

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A world where privacy is a thing of the past... Bryn Williams lives quietly in Ealing, West London, writing popular history articles for magazines. Things have not been going well for him a€“ his computer has been hacked and his bank account emptied. He is increasingly aware that his actions a€“ on the street and online a€“ are being monitored. The woman he loves stops returning his phone calls and emails, and he becomes concerned for her safety. Then on a research trip to an English Civil War battlefield, he stumbles on a dead body in a car and his life changes forever... Bryn finds himself in the middle of a very different conflict. Drawn up on one side are the forces of government and good order. On the other, a network of cyber-hackers committed to halting global warming. Climate change is now at a tipping point a€“ the polar ice caps are melting, fertile land is turning to desert and populations are on the move. By destroying digital systems worldwide, the hackers hope to make all modern means of communication unusable, reverse economic progress, and save what's left of a fragile earth. Not Single Spies is a political thriller which draws on themes of considerable relevance to the 21st century. It is set in a society dominated by the Internet, where communication systems are an open book to government and big business... and the only people for whom that book remains closed are the shadowy figures who pull the strings of power.Robin Duval. box attached by a clip to the side of the console a€“ and understood its significance, and threat. ... After a series of juddering noises from the engine, he turned into a sandy beach and coasted alongside a line of posts running down to ... He traced the wiring back to the battery isolator, and killed off all the electrics.

Title:Not Single Spies
Author:Robin Duval
Publisher:Troubador Publishing Ltd - 2015-06-28


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