Notes from a Necrophobe

Notes from a Necrophobe

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a€œThis is not an apocalypse, ita€™s an adjustment. There is still electricity. There is still the internet. There is still order. We will adapt and we will survive.a€ a€“ U.S. government After twenty years of toil a team of Russian researchers drilled through nearly four kilometers of ice and reached Lake Vostok, a body of fresh water 100 miles long and 50 miles wide. Their efforts released the microorganisms entombed inside, something that nature managed to keep sealed off from the rest of the world for 25 million years. Tiny, aggressive, and lethal, the microbes emerged from the ancient lake and wormed their way into the worlda€™s water supply. Anyone who got caught in the rain, washed their hands, or took a sip of water absorbed these primal parasites and died in a fraction of a second. Water is necessary for life. How do you live when the very thing you need to exist can kill you? Death was only the beginning. The micro-killers reanimated the corpses of their victims. Their swarm intelligence enables them to observe, scheme, and cause a hell of a lot of trouble. Rot and decay forces them to hunt for a fresh hosta€“theya€™re always on the lookout for the remaining survivors. Three teenagers, one child and one adult stumble upon a possible cure to the microbe invasiona€“if only they can survive long enough to share their life-saving discovery with the world.How to Survive Your Own Survival T.C. Armstrong. label had been made for the front, but everything else was handwritten. The label read, Notes From A Necrophobe. For the first time since ... to prevent battery from dying.a€ Okay, that explainedanbsp;...

Title:Notes from a Necrophobe
Author:T.C. Armstrong
Publisher:Permuted Press - 2015-04-21


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