Nuclear Law

Nuclear Law

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This book is a practical guide to the international, EC and UK law applying to the various uses of nuclear energy and radioactive substances. The first edition was produced in 1997, and given the renaissance of interest in nuclear power in the UK and worldwide, this new, updated and much expanded edition is timely. It will cover the law relating to the permitting and operation of nuclear power stations, the decommissioning and clean-up of former nuclear facilities, radiological protection, the management of radioactive waste and spent fuel, liability and insurance, and the security and transport of radioactive materials. Readers will find a clear framework explaining the development and application of nuclear law, and how domestic law is based on and influenced by international and European requirements and by its historical context. In the commercial context, the chapters dealing specifically with new build and with decommissioning will be vital reading.... was the Mixed Oxide (MOX) plant, built to accommodate the wishes of many customers to have the plutonium which is separated from spent fuel during reprocessing returned in a form usable as fuel. MOX fuel is ... 49 See www.hse.; Report of the Investigation into the leak of Dissolver product Liquor at THORP, Sellafield available at pdf. 50 Daily Telegraph, 7 April 2009; Hansard HC Written Questions, col 1368W (2 April 2009).

Title:Nuclear Law
Author:Stephen Tromans
Publisher:Bloomsbury Publishing - 2010-03-12


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