Nuclear Medicine Instrumentation

Nuclear Medicine Instrumentation

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Written at the technologist level, Nuclear Medicine Instrumentation focuses on instruments essential to the practice of nuclear medicine. Covering everything from Geiger counters to positron emission tomography systems, this text provides students with an understanding of the practical aspects of these instruments and their uses in nuclear medicine. By concentrating on the operation of these instruments and the potential pitfalls that they are subject to, students will be better prepared for what they may encounter during their career. Chapters include: Detectors Gas-Filled, Scintillation and Semiconductor; Image Characteristics SPECT, PET; Collimators; Radiation Measurements; and more.Ampmeter Range selector Instrument Test Recommended Frequency Dose calibrator Constancy Daily1, 2, 3, 4 Activity linearity ... Therefore, an RC circuit (a resistor and a capacitor in parallel) is introduced into the circuitry of most pulse- mode ... medicine equipment, including semiconductor detectors, scintillation detectors, and all forms of imaging systems, also ... The basic design ofa dose calibrator is shown in Figure 1-4, and Figure 1-5 shows a commercially available model.

Title:Nuclear Medicine Instrumentation
Author:Jennifer Prekeges
Publisher:Jones & Bartlett Publishers - 2012-08-13


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