Nursing the Doctor

Nursing the Doctor

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WHEN THE DOCTOR BECOMES A PATIENTa€” One moment, Doctor Greg Brulotte is one of the best ER doctors at busy St. Joe's Hospital, although he has a reputation for terrorizing the nursing staff. The next, he's a patient in intensive care, and he's even more of a tyrant. Nurse Lily Sullivan is one of the few nursing staff who ever stood up to Greg. She's well aware of his reputation as a womanizer, and she's determined not to fall for him. Besides, her life is much too complicated for romance. Her grandma, who lives with her and her brother, has Alzheimer's, her brother is fighting a custody battle over Lily's niece, and an accident in the ER could mean both she and Greg are in for the fight of their lives--unless the nursing staff assigned to his case murder him first. He's the worst patient any of them have ever had to deal with. Lily is the only one who can help Greg recover. Can she do it without losing her heart? LAUGHTER, ROMANCE AND DEVIOUS NURSES YOU'LL LOVE NURSING THE DOCTOR!He probably was, almost as much as he was devoted to chasing and seducing women. Lily had learned about her fathera#39;s affairs in her early teens, and to a young girl missing her mother and needing her father, being ignored was devastating.

Title:Nursing the Doctor
Author:Bobby Hutchinson
Publisher:Sunflower Publishing - 2015-07-26


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