Objective Physics (For M.B.B.S. And Engineering Entrance Examination)

Objective Physics (For M.B.B.S. And Engineering Entrance Examination)

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About the Book: This hands-on guide in Physics has been brought out to help the students aspiring admission to professional colleges in their respective states through an entrance examination conducted by the respective state governments. This volume is floated after going though the syllabi and topics prescribed by the appointed agencies of the respective regions. The last one or two chapters may be of some use to the GATE aspirants. Salient features Object type questions with keys in many vital areas of Physics are available. At the end of each chapter, problems selected from old questions papers are treated with solutions. Important table of physical constants are also provided. About 800 objective questions with keys are provided. Around 300 problems have been treated with solutions. Contents: Measurement; Simple Harmonic Motion; Moment of Inertia, Surface Tension; Kinetic Theory of Gases and Acoustics Heat and Thermodynamics Ray Optics, Wave Optics and Spectra Magnetism Electrostatics Current Electricity Electromagnetic Induction Thermal and Chemical Effects Atomic Physics Radioactivity and Nuclear Reactions Solid State Physics and Miscellaneous Topics AppendicesANSWERS. TO. OBJECTIVE. QUESTIONS. 1.2. SIMPLE. HARMONIC. MOTION. 1. A particle is vibrating in simple harmonic motion with an amplitude 0.04 m. At what displacement from the equilibrium position is its energy half potential andanbsp;...

Title:Objective Physics (For M.B.B.S. And Engineering Entrance Examination)
Author:S. O. Pillai
Publisher:New Age International - 2009-01-01


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