Occupational Therapy for Stroke Rehabilitation

Occupational Therapy for Stroke Rehabilitation

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This book is both an introductory text to the rehabilitation of stroke for student therapists and a reference text for qualified therapists. The layout of the book reflects these needs with Chapters 1-4 assuming a minimal level of understanding of the material. These chapters provide an introduction to the condition of stroke itself, the problern therapists face in assessing and treating stroke patients and therapeutic approaches in occu pational therapy. Prognosis of stroke is also discussed which is an issue taken up in later chapters concemed with expert systems. The use of microcomputers in occupational therapy is discussed throughout the book with particular reference to their direct role during therapy. Chapters 5-7 assume a higher level of understand ing from the reader although students will find the material useful as an insight into the work of the modern-day therapist. Chapter 5 addresses the work carried out in the area of biofeedback; Chapter 6 introduces the concept and uses of databases, and Chapter 7 discusses the versatility of microcomputers, especially in the provision of expert systems for the prognosis of stroke.Stockmeyer, S. (1967) An interpretation of the approach of Rood to the treatment of neuromuscular dysfunction, American Journal of Physical Medicine, ... PhD Thesis, School of Information Science, Portsmouth Polytechnic, Portsmouth, UK.

Title:Occupational Therapy for Stroke Rehabilitation
Author:Simon B. N. Thompson, Maryanne Morgan
Publisher:Springer - 2013-12-20


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