Ocean Marauders

Ocean Marauders

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Product Description qThey once ruled the seas reigning fear and terror upon ships and ports alike. The pirates of the qgolden ageq were marauders of the world's seas that preyed and plundered with a cavalier posture. They proudly flew the skull and crossbones, flag of their trade, while ravaging the helpless merchant mariners of their ships and goods with almost impunity. They once thought to be long since extinct, but are they? Following in the footsteps of their predecessors, the modern pirate has brought back an age old tradition of thievery but with modern ingenuity, tactics and weapons. They must be stopped by someone, but whom? Arising from the resounding tyranny of these high tech pirates is a new breed of warrior dedicated to the defense of the ships traveling the oceans. Contracted by the shipping industry and government entities, branches of private military companies exist for the sole purpose of providing armed security to defend their client's people and its assets. One such company came to the aid of the global shipping industry against the elusive terrorist that will stop at nothing to make their money from ransoming hostages that they take from the lumbering giant ships. Onyx Security Group helped spawn the idea of fighting fire with fire in this arena. This is their story.qIn that time Kellen had also learned to better judge distances on the water without the use of his expensive laser range fi nders. ... the drop leg pouch on his left thigh containing three light sound devices or fl ashbang grenades, and on the lower belt portion was a Motorola ... Attached to the molle straps on the back of the vest was another pouch containing illumination fl are rounds for the M203 grenadeanbsp;...

Title:Ocean Marauders
Author:James M. Kane
Publisher:PublishAmerica -


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