'Of Demons and Blue Moons'

'Of Demons and Blue Moons'

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Meet the Moon Cursed Princess, 'Fae', aka Princess Aimee Adrianna of the Guardian Rings. Warrior, adventurer, demon slayer, closet witch and overt hedonist, an almost-hell-born, time-slipping Faerie, with a hell hound and a succubus for absentee parents. Scott Bennett, an invalided Royal Marine turned London cabbie, with a demonic price on his head for having saved Fae from rape and killing her shadow-like attacker, one of 'The Seven', the most terrible denizens of Hell. Holle auf Erden, Hell on Earth, is coming and the only way to stop it is to keep Fae alive while she hunts down the rest of The Seven. ........................................................ qqI did you an injustice, Princess, and I do not know how to apologise.q qWell oddly enough, I can think of a way to make amends, q The G-string slithered down. qWould you do me a great favour by changing, one simply adores the sensation of warm fur between her thighs?qqthe car fishtailing until he had it properly under control once more. ... Instead of slowing Scott peered at the shop windows at the left of the junction, and once satisfied that there were no headlights ... drifting to face the turning and releasing the handbrake, turning the steering wheel to realign the cara#39;s front wheels, and againanbsp;...

Title:'Of Demons and Blue Moons'
Author:Andy Farman
Publisher:Lulu.com - 2015-07-26


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