Of Immortalized Warriors

Of Immortalized Warriors

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OF IMMORTALIZED WARRIORS is a portrayal of the United States during the controversial wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Center stage in the novel is the late Captain Theodore Hume, the most decorated warrior in the country. It is his widow who engages Dr. James Isner, an upstart Ivy League economist, and Riley Cooper, a close acquaintance, both former Marines, to write a biography of this lionized but condemned Navy SEAL commando. Dr. Isner is determined to exploit the life of the American hero by advancing his own ideas that point to puzzling features of the United States, of Western culture and, more generally, of mankind's evolution that has up to now not been fully explained. The skeletons in the closet are the independent and inspiring Dotti Moore, Hume's first wife, who leaves him for another man, and a shocking but innovative clandestine mission he heads up in Afghanistan. A modern-day story of blood and treasure, politics, society, religion, fellowship, and wartime memories of an American hero. Linkages to Ancient Greece and Rome and former empires of the Middle East are examined?it is Mueller at his best. A skillfully crafted study of man and of freedom in the world. OF IMMORTALIZED WARRIORS, Mueller's fourth book, is a poignant military tale, with an exceptional message, and you will love it.It was a black four-wheel-drive SUV, with dark windows and a trailer for two of the jet skis. ... Bond movie, like Thunderball, which portrays an extended underwater battle, and there were a number of technical manuals in the side compartment.

Title:Of Immortalized Warriors
Author:William Mueller
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2011-07-07


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