Off The Top Of Fred's Head

Off The Top Of Fred's Head

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Boomerist Fred Lavner is a funny guy with a lot to say about almost everything. People that piss him off. Bad customer service. Outrageous rules and regulations. Food labeling. Pretentious restaurants. High costs of living and dying. School teachers behaving badly. Political incorrectness. Not being able to find something to watch on 900 cable TV channels. Keeping up with celebutards. Getting out of jury duty. Popping off about internet pop up ads. Making sense of chocolate farts and other delights. Lavner's got a funny way of looking at things!Comcast has a tiny customer service office tucked away in my neighborhood that has been there so long ita#39;s forgotten within the company. In 1962 one of ... The best thing about old Betty is she can still take care of most customer billing or service problems on the spot and in a few minutes. ... Some days when I have a few hours to kill I like to go see old Betty and ask her to explain the cable guide to me.

Title:Off The Top Of Fred's Head
Author:Fred Lavner - 2015-05-27


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