Oil Painting the Mona Lisa in Sfumato: A Portrait Painting Challenge in 48 Steps

Oil Painting the Mona Lisa in Sfumato: A Portrait Painting Challenge in 48 Steps

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An oil painting demonstration on portrait painting with sfumato like the old masters. This in depth painting demonstration explores a tailored approach in achieving sfumato effects when painting Leonardo da Vincia€™s the Mona Lisa in oils. Taken from my other book, Skin Tones in Oil: 10 Step by Step Guides from Old Masters, this painting project has proved to be sufficiently lengthy to warrant a book in its own right. The chief section of this book comprises step by step images with accompanying text that gives full instructions on how the Mona Lisa was completed via 5 stages. Find also extra features, such as managing tonal balances, attaining soft shadowy effects, working in glazes, dry brushing, troubleshooting and making the most of simple art materials. Learn how such a momentous project can be broken down into manageable pieces. Painting the Mona Lisa with sfumato could prove an invaluable experience for any portraitist. Note: this book does not explain the painting processes of the Renaissance period such as grinding pigments or the old mastersa€™ method of underpainting. Such practices may exclude artists who do not have the room or the resources to prepare in such a way. This booka€™s aim is to make painting the Mona Lisa more inclusive. This means getting on with the painting with minimal fuss. Contemporary art materials and modified art techniques have therefore been used. However, this book offers a way of achieving great sfumato effects in the style of Leonardo. Preparatory sections, a troubleshooting guide and glossary are included. Booka€™s dimensions: 10x8in and 48 pages.Art Books (Select books available on Kindle, small aamp; large Edition) Why do My Clouds Look like Cotton Wool? a€“ Plus 25 Solutions to Other Landscape Painting Peeves Why do My Ellipses Look like Doughnuts? ... Illustrated Childrena#39;s Books Katiea#39;s Magic Teapot and the Cosmic Pandas Katie and the Cosmic Pandasa#39; Deep Sea Voyage Katiea#39;s Magic Teapot Omnibus Edition Bena#39;s Little Big Adventure 45.

Title:Oil Painting the Mona Lisa in Sfumato: A Portrait Painting Challenge in 48 Steps
Author:Rachel Shirley
Publisher:Rachel Shirley - 2013-09-01


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