Old Money

Old Money

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1.) a€œa€b In David Walks-As-Bear's second Ely Stone novel, (Old Money) you will be plunged headlong into a wild ride. You may even think that Mickey Spillane has been whispering in Walks-As-Bear's eara€b Ely Stone hits the pages hard with the very first paragraph and doesn't let up until the enda€b So join Ely Stone as he looks for the lost writing of Mark Twain that could be a treasure map to a fortune. Hang on for a wild ride from snowy Michigan to warm Hawaiian waters as Ely chases mystery and a few women along the way.a€ --- Futures, Mystery a Anthology Magazine 2.) a€œa€bInside the covers of this book (Old Money) you will find Tribal Officer Ely Stone, a man with a heart of gold and a life of mystery and adventure, one that is about to embark on another spiritual journey to right the wrongs of the pasta€b full of history, mystery, mysticism, adventure, romance and has a just plain down-right great storyline that keeps you glued to the pages from chapter to chapter. This book is well worth your time, a top-of-the-notch read that will entertain you in every area a good book should. Highly recommended!a€ --- MidWest Book ReviewMichael was his young son and he is good with anything electronic. ... Then a twotoned dark green and gray Pukaskwa Tribal Police Jeep Liberty stops out front, its turn signal blinking as it waits for an oncoming car to pass. Then it pulls intoanbsp;...

Title:Old Money
Author:David Walks-As-Bear
Publisher:Start Publishing LLC - 2012-04-01


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