Old Testament Pseudepigrapha-set

Old Testament Pseudepigrapha-set

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Key second-temple texts with introductions and notes by an international team of scholars--now available in affordable softcover bindings.The writers of the Bible lived in a world filled with many writings. Some of these documents are lost forever, but many have been preserved. Part of these extant sources are the Pseudepigrapha. This collection of Jewish and Christian writings shed light on early Judaism and Christianity and their doctrines.This landmark set includes all 65 Pseudepigraphical documents from the intertestamental period that reveal the ongoing development of Judaism and the roots from which the Christian religion took its beliefs. A scholarly authority on each text contributes a translation, introduction, and critical notes for each text. Volume 2 includes expansions of the Old Testament legends, wisdom, and philosophical literature; prayers, psalms, and odes; and fragments of lost Judeo-Hellenistic Works.Contributors include E. Isaac, B.M. Metzger, J.R. Mueller, S.E. Robinson, D.J. Harrington, G.T. Zervos, and many others.Of enormous value to scholars and students, religious professionals and interested laypeople.Part of Anchor Yale Reference Library.Acrostic poem on the judgment Jesus Christ, son of God, savior, cross.a€œ 5 . 282f.; 3.620-23; Virgil, Eclogue 4. ... Whatever one did secretly, he will then say everything, for God will open dark breasts with lights. A lament will rise from all andanbsp;...

Title:Old Testament Pseudepigrapha-set
Author:James H. Charlesworth
Publisher:Hendrickson Publishers - 2010-02-01


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