On Drugs

On Drugs

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It has been more than twenty years since President Nixon declared the War on Drugs. In On Drugs, David Lenson delivers a scathing indictment of this war as an effort based, like all attempts to eradicate qgetting high, q on an incomplete understanding of human nature. From lotus-eaters to hippies to crackheads, he contends, history has shown the state's inability to legislate the bloodstreams of its citizens. Lenson ventures beyond conventional genres to view the drug debate from the largely forgotten perspective of those who use drugs. In successfully walking the fine line between the antidrug hysteria of the 1980s and an advocacy of drug use, Lenson shatters the ban on debate regarding drugs enforced in the qJust Say Noq campaign and reveals the myriad ways qstraight societyq demonizes the drug user. After considering several specific issues associated with drug use - including sex, violence, and money - Lenson concludes with his vision of the end of the Drug War by questioning the sense in condemning millions of Americans to lives of concealment and deceit.INTRODUCTION TO PART III Disclaimers The following group of studies is not inclusive. The most obvious omission is an essay on the opiates. I have felt unable to write on this subject because I do not completely understand the way theseanbsp;...

Title:On Drugs
Author:David Lenson, Jeff Land
Publisher:U of Minnesota Press - 1999-03-01


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