One- and Two-Dimensional Fluids

One- and Two-Dimensional Fluids

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Smectic and lamellar liquid crystals are three-dimensional layered structures in which each layer behaves as a two-dimensional fluid. Because of their reduced dimensionality they have unique physical properties and challenging theoretical descriptions, and are the subject of much current research. One- and Two-Dimensional Fluids: Properties of Smectic, Lamellar and Columnar Liquid Crystals offers a comprehensive review of these phases and their applications. The book details the basic structures and properties of one- and two-dimensional fluids and the nature of phase transitions. The later chapters consider the optical, magnetic, and electrical properties of special structures, including uniformly and non-uniformly aligned anisotropic films, lyotropic lamellar systems, helical and chiral structures, and organic anisotropic materials. Topics also include typical and defective features, magnetic susceptibility, and electrical conductivity. The book concludes with a review of current and potential applications in the displays, materials science, and biomedical industries. Rather than focusing on one aspect of liquid crystal research, this book provides a cohesive summary of the properties and applications of smectic, lamellar, and columnar liquid crystals. One- and Two-Dimensional Fluids is a valuable resource for those working with liquid crystals every day and an effective foundation for newcomers to the field.... smectic A phase, 119 Boltzmann factor, 96 Borna#39;s theory, 94 Bose condensate, 94 Bowl-shape materials, 257, 258 Boyle-Mariotta#39;s rule, ... 47 Cole-Cole plot, 229, 230, 320, 321 Columnar liquid crystals, 11 diffusion anisotropy and, 236 Bulk distortion energy, surface, 142 ... 241 Cell membrane phase transition temperature of, 283 Cork, 71 Corrosion inhibition, 23, 296 schematic of, 280 Cosmetics, 296anbsp;...

Title:One- and Two-Dimensional Fluids
Author:Antal Jakli, A. Saupe
Publisher:CRC Press - 2006-05-30


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