One Legacy of Paul F. Brandwein

One Legacy of Paul F. Brandwein

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Once again, our nation has a powerful need for a revolution devoted to creating scientists. As we face the challenges of climate change, global competitiveness, biodiversity loss, energy needs, and dwindling food supplies, we ?nd ourselves in a period where both scienti?c literacy and the pool of next-generation scientists are dwindling. To solve these complex issues and maintain our own national security, we have to rebuild a national ethos based on sound science education for all, from which a new generation of scientists will emerge. The challenge is how to create this transformation. Those shaping national policy today, in 2009, need look no further than what worked a half-century ago. In1957, SputnikcircledandsentaclarioncallforAmericatobecometheworlda€™s most technologically advanced nation. In 1958, Congress passed the National Defense Education Act, which focused the national will and called for scholars and teachers to successfully educate our youth in science, math, and engineering. It was during this time period that Paul F. Brandwein emerged as a national science e- cation leader to lay the foundation for the changes needed in American education to create the future scientists essential to the nationa€™s well-being.... Acids (in a concentration of 5 per cent and higher) are added to the diet of the flour beetle, the photosensitizing effect does not occur. ... All the functions of each unit were tabulated, and then wiring diagrams of each unit were developed.

Title:One Legacy of Paul F. Brandwein
Author:Deborah C. Fort
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2010-02-16


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