One Love

One Love

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It was the last few weeks of high school and in those few short weeks a dramatic change came about in the life of senior Paul Abbaszadeh. It can only be described as magical and qfairytale-likeq. After four years of futile attempts at dating he never expected to find anyone who would truly appreciate him for who he was. That all changed in an instance when he finally met that one special person. She came into his life and from then on everything changed. How beautiful life was; it had taken nearly four years and when he least expected it, love crept up on him. She was everything he could ever want in a girl, smart, charming, funny, charismatic and of course beautiful. Everything was perfect. Then the summer came and it played out like a classic Hollywood film. No other two people could have been so in love. The summer ended and they were separated in distance as they parted for college. Not even the distance could mar their love for one another as their love endured and their bond grew stronger with each passing day. One Love is a true love story, a written account taken from the Memoirs of Paul Abbaszadeh. You will discover the beauty and innocence of young love from high school to the carefree days of summer and beyond written in the most sincere form.I paid with my Credit Card and was on my way. I drove home only to be sent out on an errand to the Home Depot to buy some nails and bolts for my uncle (who was installing a new shelving ... Friday the 9th was the Library film festival and for the first time this week where Jessica and I are apart I felt somewhat normal.

Title:One Love
Author:Paul Abbaszadeh
Publisher:iUniverse - 2003-12-01


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