One-Piece Flow vs. Batching

One-Piece Flow vs. Batching

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Although batching often appears more efficient than one-piece flow for individual tasks, the practice creates waste for other parts of the organization that more than offset its perceived benefits. A silent productivity killer, batching is an extremely difficult mindset to overcome and, as a result, numerous Lean initiatives have been destroyed by it. This book argues the case for one-piece flow over batching. It identifies the eight root causes of batching, the wastes created from batching, how batching drives the eight wastes, and the advantages of one-piece flow. One-Piece Flow vs. Batching: A Guide to Understanding How Continuous Flow Maximizes Productivity and Customer Value provides concrete arguments as to why batching, while sometimes necessary, is never the most efficient solution for most processes. It explains why flow, especially one-piece flow or continuous flow, should always be your ultimate objective when driving for increased productivity in any process. Using case studies to illustrate how to channel current mindsets toward one-piece flow as the preferred operation, the book is designed to support anyone involved in continuous improvement activities. It provides the tools and understanding you will need to overcome resistance to implementing flow and, in particular, one-piece flow processesa€”whether it be on the factory floor or in a banking office.A Keurig system makes coffee one-piece flow. It can even be hooked up to a water line so no manual refilling is necessary. Being seven times more expensive , why has the Keurig system had such success? According to, a€n Keurig, anbsp;...

Title:One-Piece Flow vs. Batching
Author:Charles Protzman, Joe McNamara, Dan Protzman
Publisher:CRC Press - 2015-11-05


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