One Stop Doc Statistics and Epidemiology

One Stop Doc Statistics and Epidemiology

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The One Stop Doc books have been designed by medical students for medical students to consolidate their knowledge, subject by subject and system by system. For each area studied there are only so many questions an examiner can ask; they are presented here with clear explanations that allow the student to revise thoroughly one topic at a time. While doing so the student can also practise their exam technique. Each book includes MCQs, EMQs, SAQs and Problem-based Questions - exactly the kind of questions they will get in their exams. Illustrated with simple, easy-to-reproduce line drawings, medical students have in this one volume all that they need for exam success.The hypothesis test involves comparing the mean sample estimate, x I„, with a hypothetical value ofa true population parameter. ... of the test statistic to values from a known probability distribution to obtain a P-value Interpret the P-value and the results. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Definitions are as follows: a€c Null hypothesis, H0: a statement about the true population parameter of interest, for example the true mean, I¼ (1).

Title:One Stop Doc Statistics and Epidemiology
Author:Emily Ferenczi, Nina Muirhead
Publisher:CRC Press - 2006-09-29


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