One Too Many Wants

One Too Many Wants

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Jarrell Kemp is your average youth Jarrell spends his time assisting his single mother raise his younger siblings. Once Jarrell enters the fifth grade his life changes. Handling the pressure of being accepted When his a€œOne Too Many Wantsa€ landed him down the wrong path and with the wrong crowd; his life becomes twisted with the selling and using of drugs, alcohol, premarital sex and death. I was finally in the a€œina€ crowd! I had girls in the seventh grade speaking to me as if I were somebody. To them, I had become someone. If this was what it was like to have money, it was exactly what I wanted. As the saying goes, Getting into trouble is a lot easier than getting out of it.... they had already beenpaid, how we had been taking off Food stamp assistance due to her having too much moneyin the bank, ... It was a 2009 BMW 760, jet black fully loaded and it was ours. ... Atthat moment, that high I had gotten earlier was gone and the thoughtof hitting another line was so far away from my thoughts.

Title:One Too Many Wants
Author:Renee Williams
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2011-10-14


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