Open Secret

Open Secret

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Menachem Schneerson (1902-1994), the seventh and final Lubavitcher rabbi, was one of the most charismatic religious leaders of the twentieth century. He was a paragon of ultraorthodoxy, espousing creationism and conservative politics; at the same time he was known as a brilliant scholar of science and mathematics and his religious philosophy was conceptually sophisticated and daringly innovative. His followers considered him to be the messiah; many still do today. Wolfson has made an exhaustive study of the internal literature of the messianic Habad (Hasidic) movement, including the writings of Schneerson himself, and he explicates the rich theology and profound philosophy of the Kabbalah tradition. He situates them within the longer trajectory of Kabbalistic mysticism and shows how they developed in the contemporary world; he also compares them with Mahayana Buddhist versions. Schneersona€™s life was rich in secrets; he was a reclusive man who nonetheless created a movement that reached every corner of the Jewish world; he promulgated a fundamentalist ideology that yet subverted many of the most strongly held doctrines of Judaism concerning law, gender, and the Gentile. Wolfson shows us the Lubavitcher Rebbe in all his complexity.Mindel, nissan. The letter and the Spirit. Brooklyn: Kehot, 1998. Morgenstern, arie . mysticism and messianism from luzzatto to the ... Kabbalah and the Spiritual Quest: The Kabbalah Centre in america. ... Years: Essays on maimonides and His influence, 231a€“ 256. cambridge: harvard University Press, 2007. ... nashim: a Journal of Jewish Womena#39;s Studies and gender issues 9 (2005): 144a€“169. olson, carl.

Title:Open Secret
Author:Elliot R. Wolfson
Publisher:Columbia University Press - 2010-06-01


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